If you’re new to the concept of Business Integration, implementing an IBMS can be challenging. This is why we offer customised one-on-one and group training services to help you and your team get started with our IBMS app suite. nnWe’ve carefully designed our new user training program to include all the information about our products that your employees need to know in order to make the most of our IBMS. We also offer on-demand training sessions whenever you feel the need to refresh your team skills or leverage new apps from our ContinuSys ecosystem.


Our ContinuSys Integration Specialists can help you integrate your IBMS with all the other mission-critical apps and tools you use to run your day-to-day operations. You no longer have to rely on different applications and tools, or waste time importing or exporting a CSV file for another department. Using our robust plug-ins, our integration experts will link your IBMS to all other leading software suites.nnWe understand that integrating fragmented software solutions is one of the most common challenges businesses are presently facing. Most applications are not linked with one another, resulting in little islands of data. This is why we offer a wide range of possible solutions to better integrate your business's tools, applications, and information. nnGet in touch to learn more about how our integration services can make your life a whole lot easier.


A Business Integration advisor will serve in a consultative capacity to guide your organisation through the process of using IBMS to get the most out of the solution and your organisation. This service includes consultation in every aspect of the process – from implementation to usage.nnThe advantages of implementing and maintaining your ContinuSys IBMS with a Business Integration consultant include:
  • Expert Product Knowledge
  • Years of IBMS Implementation
  • Full Confidence in the Process & Deliverables
  • Minimised Development Time & Cost
  • Maximised Efforts of your IBMS Team
ContinuSys also provides technical consulting services to customise the programming or installation environment for use of our IBMS products. We also offer plug-ins to other leading software suites.


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