Drive higher engagement, more transactions, and better business outcomes with the most feature-rich and flexible chat platform embedded in your app. Our built-in chat offers all the features of a modern messenger without sacrificing control over your data or user experience. Learn More

Markdown Optimised for Chat

Express your ideas clearly with bulleted lists, bold, italics, and much more. Quote blocks, spoilers, LaTeX/math blocks, and polls make it easy to discuss ideas and make decisions in one place.

Emojis for Chat

Have fun expressing yourself with emojis. Convey a broad range of emotions efficiently and in a way that words sometimes cannot.

Inline Image, Video, and Tweet Previews

Send a link and we’ll automatically generate a preview. Click the preview to see it at full scale.

Drag-and-Drop File Uploads

Drag a file into the compose box and we’ll upload and preview it for you. Sharing and discussing work with teammates has never been easier.

Code Blocks

Discuss code with ease using Markdown code blocks, syntax highlighting, and code playgrounds.

Customisable Automatic Linkification

Customise C-Work’s markup to automatically link back to your issue tracker or GitHub when you type “#1235” or a commit ID.

Highly Configurable Notifications

Send automatic notifications with @-mentions, stream-wide announcements, desktop and audible notifications, emails for important missed messages, alert words, and optional weekly digest emails.


C-Work offers integrations with 120+ apps and tools and hundreds more via Zapier and IFTTT. If you'd like to send content into C-Work, you can write a native incoming webhook integration or use C-Work’s API for sending messages. Learn More

Off-the-shelf Integrations

Get alerts and updates from your favorite services with off-the-shelf integrations for Trac, Nagios, GitHub, Jenkins, and more.


Want to roll your own notifications? We’ve got a dead-simple RESTful API and Python bindings that will make integrations, both sending and receiving, quick!

Mobile Apps

Keep up while on the go with our native quality iOS and Android apps.

Desktop Apps

Prefer C-Work in its own window and rich, OS-level notifications? Enjoy it on your desktop.

C-Work for Windows

C-Work for Windows is even better than C-Work on the web, with a cleaner look, tray integration, native notifications, and support for multiple C-Work accounts.

GIPHY Integration

Enjoy animated GIFs with C-Work’s native GIPHY integration.


With C-Work, easily schedule, start and track your conference calls with Outlook and Google Calendar.


Bots allow you to send content into and out of C-Work, send content to and from another product, and automate tasks a human user could do.

Video Conferencing

It’s almost as if you’re all sitting around the same table. Use video calls and screen sharing to show your desktop and actually see who’s talking. Dial a contact for a one-to-one call or create a room to start a group call. Enjoy high-quality calls -thanks to C-Work’s multi-region and low-latency cloud infrastructure. Learn More

Video Conferencing

Try our video conferencing with multiple participants. View the active speaker in the main window and scroll to see other feeds.

Screen Sharing

Show anything on your desktop with Screen Sharing. Annotate using drawing tools, switch presenter, and pass control at any time.

Recording and Playback

Easily capture and archive your screen sharing session, audio conference, and primary video feed using the Recording and Playback feature.

Drawing Tools

Mark up, annotate, and call attention to specific areas on the documents and applications you are sharing.

Remote Desktop

Be in the driver’s seat. The remote desktop tool makes it possible to take control, support, and collaborate for free.


Chat with other hosts, all participants, or individuals during your online meeting. You can even send an emoji from our library.


C-Work provides detailed analytics to help you see how you and your team are using the platform. Keep track of all conversations and messages with detailed reports. Get all the data you need to see exactly how your video conferencing service is being used. Learn More

Call Detail Reports

Receive a report directly to your inbox after each meeting with details about participants and meeting duration.

History & Recordings

View a list of past conference details or watch, download, and share recordings.


C-Work has a powerful set of analytics available to help you see how your organisation communicates.

Data Export

Export data in CSV format for further analysis.

Real-Time Metrics View

Metrics of live meetings, rooms, and events such as participant details and recording status.

Live Meeting Controls

Monitor, moderate, and manage important meetings from any location.


C-Work notifies all participants with smart alerts, ensuring no message or call is missed. You can notify whole teams or add multiple users to channels using groups. Learn More

Smart Notifications

Choose when, where, and for what you wish to receive notifications. Stay up to date, no matter if you are at your desk or on the go.

Do Not Disturb mode

Mute all notifications so you are not interrupted while working.


Set a notification schedule so you can relax outside of your work hours.

Mute channel

Mute channels you only need periodically to receive fewer notifications.

Typing Notifications

Know when other users are composing messages to you.

Catch Up in No Time

With topics, hotkeys, and snappy performance, usefully reviewing hundreds of messages takes just minutes.

Real-Time Alerts

Get notifications when participants provide feedback so that issues can be resolved quickly.

Receive Quality Alerts

Get proactive notifications when meetings experience quality loss.

PMs, Mentions, and Alerts

You can configure desktop, mobile, and email notifications for private messages, mentions, and alert words.

Stream Notifications

You can configure desktop, mobile, and email notifications on a stream-by-stream basis.


C-Work leverages internal services that require TLS for network access and individually authenticate users by way of a central identity provider and leveraging two-factor authentication wherever possible. Our security strategy covers all aspects of our product and business, ensuring your info stays protected 24/7. Learn More

Secure and Encrypted Meetings

Keep your conversations secure with Restricted Meetings and by having all content in transit encrypted using AES-256 GCM.

Enterprise-Grade Security

C-Work is used by some of the most security-conscious organisations in the world.

Secure Messaging

Message content can be excluded from mobile push notifications, to avoid displaying message content on locked mobile screens, and to comply with strict compliance policies such as the USA’s HIPAA standards.

Configurable Access Control Policies

C-Work supports private messages (to one or more individuals), private streams with any number of subscribers, as well as public streams available to all organisation members.

Limited Features for New Users

C-Work can limit the features that new users have access to until their accounts are older than a configurable waiting period.

Password Strength

C-Work uses the zxcvbn password strength checker by default and supports customising users’ password strength requirements.

Roles and Permissions

Invite users and manage what they can do, their default channels, and deactivate access.

More Features

C-Work offers tons of other features that make team collaboration a breeze. It transforms your video conferencing experience by integrating the industry’s highest-fidelity audio and video performance with incredible productivity features. Learn More

Interactive Collaboration

Facilitate an interactive online meeting or brainstorming session with tools like screen sharing, annotation, and digital whiteboard.

Smart Meetings

Unleash virtual meeting productivity by tagging critical meeting moments, assigning actions, and producing meeting highlight reels.

Universal Accessibility

Automatic, real-time closed captioning, keyboard controls, and screen readers to support users with disabilities.

Virtual Backgrounds

Spruce up your office space with a fun virtual background, or simply blur your existing backdrop to eliminate distractions.

Enhanced Gallery View

Display multiple meeting attendees on the screen for a more inclusive virtual meeting experience with a larger group.

Breakout Sessions

Divide online meetings into smaller groups for interactive discussions. Meeting moderators can move participants between sessions.

Direct Messages

Kick off a one-to-one chat or group conversation for focused discussions that help move work in the right direction.

Public Channels

Create a public channel so everyone in your company can stay connected and get relevant updates.

Share Files and Links

Share files, images, videos, and links with everyone who needs them.

Status and Availability

Communicate your availability so teammates know when to contact you.

Message Formatting

Highlight important messages and code snippets in your messages.